Socionomics Alert!

NY Daily News covers the fashions for next spring: Fashion Week runways show off some of sexiest designs yet Monday. There's a video of one designer's spring line, but most of the pics are in the paper. Nevertheless, Amy Diluna makes it clear what's on tap:
It was hot in the city Monday, but not just because of the blazing September sun.

So much heat was coming off the runways, next spring's gonna be seriously, seriously sexy.

There were sky-high hemlines, blazing orange and red hues and clothes so clingy it's a good time to take out stock in Spanx. (The skirts were so distractingly short at Jill Stuart, anyone in the front row got a little TMI.)

Aside from those unwelcome gyno glimpses, most designers pulled off the supershort silhouette and managed to make the micro majorly appealing.
You'd think there was a bull market on or something.

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