More Euro Breakups?

ZeroHedge has a flair for hyperbole:
Ferocity Of Imminent Spain-Germany Cold War Will Only Be Second To Upcoming Fox Biz-CNBC No Holds Barred

A nice juxtaposition position of a Spanish-German dispute with U.S. network battles.

But the Reuters headline on the euro news is not sanguine:
German-Spanish whispering wars hit euro zone
A whispering war between German and Spanish officials has exacerbated the euro zone's debt crisis this month, keeping financial markets on edge and exposing deep frustrations in Berlin and Madrid.
Reuters lists some of the claims and then writes:
After extensive checks, Reuters decided there were no facts to report. But the rumours were already affecting the markets.
The rumors are the facts. The content of the rumor is not fact, the fact is that Germany and Spain are waging a war of words and there is still trouble ahead for the euro.

Reuters did its job in checking the rumors out, but it raises the next question of why? The answer, I believe, is declining social mood.

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