China rare earth quotas

序号 公司名称 配额数量(吨)
1 中国中钢集团公司 584
2 五矿有色金属股份有限公司 747
3 中国有色金属进出口江苏公司 493
4 广东广晟有色金属进出口有限公司 431
5 常熟市盛昌稀土冶炼厂 196
6 江苏卓群纳米稀土股份有限公司 251
7 江西金世纪新材料股份有限公司 432
8 内蒙古和发稀土科技开发股份有限公司 750
9 江西南方稀土高技术股份有限公司 401
10 赣州晨光稀土新材料股份有限公司 374
11 赣州虔东稀土集团股份有限公司 329
12 有研稀土新材料股份有限公司 333
13 益阳鸿源稀土有限责任公司 594
14 包头华美稀土高科有限公司 954
15 内蒙古包钢稀土(集团)高科技股份有限公司 740
16 甘肃稀土新材料股份有限公司 689
17 乐山盛和稀土科技有限公司 750
18 阜宁稀土实业有限公司 327
19 山东鹏宇实业股份有限公司 709
20 赣县红金稀土有限公司 102
21 徐州金石彭源稀土材料厂 410
22 广东珠江稀土有限公司 166
23 江阴加华新材料资源有限公司 481
24 溧阳罗地亚稀土新材料有限公司 324
25 宜兴新威利成稀土有限公司 440
26 包头天骄清美稀土抛光粉有限公司 251
27 包头罗地亚稀土有限公司 867
28 呼和浩特融信新金属冶炼有限公司 296
29 包头华信冶炼有限公司 93
30 包头三德电池材料有限公司 127
31 淄博加华新材料资源有限公司 805


The table lists the new export quotas in tons. Below the table are the formulas. One is based on the past three years exports in quantity, another past three years monetary value, and the third 2009 exports.

Here's a link to the Google translation of the above.

Stocks didn't always react based on the news. Baosteel Baotuo Rare Earth (600111.SS) was up less than 2% on the news (number 15 on the list, with possible additional subsidiaries listed), while China Rare Earth (0769.HK) (subsidiary is listed at 25), gained 16%. Shares of rare earth miners listed in Australia also bounced on the news. MCP and REMX have solid gains in early U.S. trading following the news.

In other news...China likely to set up rare earth trade body
China is considering establishing an industry association and a government unit for the rare earths industry to gain more control over the precious metals, senior officials said Tuesday.

The rare earths industry association is likely to be launched in May and will assist companies in exports and international cooperation, Wang Caifeng, a former official of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), who is setting up the group, said at a forum.

"We will be on the frontlines leading price talks with foreign buyers. Our role will be similar to that of the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA)," she said.
The article goes on to discuss the development of taxes, quotas and consolidation in the industry:
Since 2006, the country has imposed temporary taxes on rare earths exports and set limits on quotas. In 2010, China reduced export quotas to 60 percent, causing alarm among importing countries such as Japan.

The Ministry of Finance said on its website last week that China will raise the export taxes for some rare earth minerals to 25 percent in 2011.

The country is speeding up the pace of mergers and acquisitions in the rare earths sector and is encouraging consolidation among State-owned enterprises. China plans to cut the number of rare earths companies from the current 90 to 20 by 2015.

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