Chinese still talking about Goldman Sachs manipulation

The editorial conclusion is that the government needs to be more watchful, regardless of whether the Goldman Sachs allegations are true. Aside from the Goldman Sachs story, there are several articles here discussing international threats to China's capital markets, as well as insider trading and manipulation by domestic firms and individuals.

There's also a poll, 高盛涉嫌操纵A股暴跌, the results of which are pictured above. About 80% of respondents think Goldman Sachs did manipulate the market and they want the government to seek redress.

Since China's media is controlled and the country relies on exports, anti-foreign sentiment and protectionism will not manifest as trade policy, but rather through incidents such as the Goldman Sachs conspiracy. Note below, that relative to gold, the Chinese stock market is almost hitting new lows. It's slightly better than pictured because the chart doesn't account for the slight appreciation of the yuan.

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