Bombing at Chinese bank

Not sure if this is a bank robbery attempt or a protest. The bomb went off when armored trucks approached, which makes it seem like an attempted heist.

China: Explosion at Bank Kills 2
A explosion shook a branch of the China Construction Bank late Thursday afternoon in Wuhan, a provincial capital in south-central China, a municipal police official there said, and state media reported that at least two people were killed and more than 10 were injured

The NYTimes also notes that explosives are popular in China.
Explosives are sometimes used in commercial and domestic disputes as well as in crimes in China, partly as an alternative to guns, which are extremely hard to obtain.
How did that make it past the NYTimes editors? It's true though, guns would probably cut down on the bombings. In 2001, a man in Shijiazhuang blew up entire apartment buildings to kill his ex-wife. He blew up several buildings to cover his tracks. Explosives are pretty easy to come by because of all the construction and demolition taking place around China.

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