Hungary gives Europe the finger; authoritarianism all around?

Hungary poised to widen rift with west
As well as the central bank law and a new flat tax rate that have been sharply criticised by the EU and the International Monetary Fund, other measures include reforms that critics warn will subject the judiciary to political interference and electoral changes that opponents say would entrench Mr Orban’s power for years to come.
The article is from the Financial Times. Is a government's control over its own central bank a serious issue for foreign governments? The Federal Reserve, People's Bank of China, European Central Bank and a few other large players are important, but Hungary?

One of the predicted outcomes of negative social mood is a rise in authoritarianism. Hungary is becoming more authoritarian as its government centralizes control of politics, but authoritarianism is also rising outside of Hungary, as foreign governments impose their will on Greece, Italy and Ireland, while trying to force Hungary to accept the same. The EU prosecution of Hungary makes them more popular at home because of falling social mood.

Hungary is definitely is showing some worrisome authoritarian tendencies, but sometimes its hard to separate due to media coverage. As a right-wing government in today's world of left-wing media, there is massive bias in reporting and I've yet to read a balanced article. Hungary's greater control over the central bank, forcing judges to retire a few years earlier are equated with laws such as this:
According to a proposed constitutional amendment, the crimes of the former communist party will be listed in the constitution and the statute of limitations for prosecuting crimes committed during the communist period will be lifted. The former communist party is branded a criminal organization and the current opposition Socialist Party is designated as their legal successor. It is still unclear, legally speaking, what this amendment means. But it is probably not good for the major opposition party.
Hungary’s Constitutional Revolution. One thing is for sure, for good or bad, Hungary is at the forefront of social mood driven political reform.

Here's a in-depth and balanced look at Hungary from a blogger: Difficult Hungarian lessons

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