Wenzhou loan repayments peak at year end

Remember the fleeing factory owners of Wenzhou? At year end, many loans are due and there could be a wave of bankruptcies. Repayment is approaching the peak of the phenomenon, or are business failures in Wenzhou (还贷高峰期将至 温州企业倒闭现象或现)
Year approaches, Wenzhou, private lending will as a rule for year-end liquidation, repayment of the peak is coming. Wenzhou city government-related reports, enterprise funds strand breaks caused by the phenomenon of collapse and leave business owners may also occur in some areas.
 "China Securities News" quoted a local official said, Wenzhou, Wenzhou, although the introduction of a number of relief measures for small and micro enterprises to give tax support, but the business dilemma or will continue until the first quarter of next year.
He said, "There is still simmering."

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