Syriza's moment to lead Greece: destined to fail?

All eyes are on Syriza's effort to build a coalition that can govern Greece. I believe it may come down to one factor: will Golden Dawn be invited into the government? In the simplest of terms, anti-bailout parties have enough votes to form a majority government. I am no expert on Greek politics, but I believe Syriza would cement its status in Greece if it created a grand coalition with the only goal of renegotiating/rejecting the agreements with the EU. As soon as this was achieved, new elections would be held to deal with the aftermath. Syriza would probably permanently displace PASOK if they win this victory for the Greek people. Therefore, I'm watching to see if they invite the far right into the government, although the far left may even refuse to join if the far right is invited. It's an interesting dynamic because any party that refuses to join would probably be trounced in the next election.

Greek election: Syriza 'to tear up EU austerity deal'
Greek media said he had enlisted the support of a smaller left-wing party, Democratic Left, but had failed to persuade the communist KKE to back him. He is likely to talk to all the party leaders, except the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn.
Will one of the (formerly) major parties sign on with Syriza? I doubt it. And if the communists steadfastly refuse to join his coalition and there are new elections, the communists will lose support.

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