Forced abortion makes national news in China

A mother could not pay the ¥40,000 fine for having a second child (about $6,300) and was forced by the relevant local government department to have an abortion. This has become national news with photos on major news websites.

Late-term abortion forced on woman
Deng was working in Inner Mongolia when the abortion was carried out. He was contacted after authorities took away his wife to discuss the fine for having a second child, which was 40,000 yuan (HK$49,000). "That's more than what I earned in four years," he said. "We don't have that much money."

Deng wrote in the online posting that township officials used black cloth to cover Feng's head while she was driven to the Zhenping county hospital in Ankang. They then induced the labour by giving her a shot that killed the fetus.

Zhenping family-planning authorities quickly issued a statement on Monday saying that a consensus was reached with Feng to carry out the abortion, "after repeated persuasion by the township officials". However, Deng yesterday refuted the local government's statement.

"Several people pushed her into a car and then drove her to the hospital. My family was barred from seeing her. She would not consent to the procedure, so they forced her to put her fingerprint from her left hand on a document," Deng said. "It was against her will to have the abortion."

Photos here. Warning: The photo in that link shows the aborted 7-month old child laying next to the mother, although the child is blurred.

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