Italian 5 Star movement surges in popularity

A new political party, the brain child of an Italian comedian, has surged in popularity. There's very little coverage in the media, but Mish has been covering it on his blog. His latest post: Time-Lapse Interactive Graph Shows Stunning Rise in Anti-Euro Sentiment in Italy

Below is one snapshot of a poll from his post. It shows support for the center-right (blue), center-left (red) and 5-star (yellow).

That is a meteoric rise.

It seems the party leans right-wing, since leader Beppe Grillo's main policy idea is "Get out of the Euro and default on debt" and they have been taking right-wing support, but the party only requires these five ideas:

Not be an elected politician prior to 5 Stelle
Commit to stay in charge for no longer than 2 terms
Commit to take a minimum salary and give the rest back to the community
Post a public platform on the internet
Be willing to hold a public debate on the platform

If their rate of ascent continues, they will be the majority party by autumn.

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