Social mood benefits bearish bloggers

The 25 Best Financial Blogs. Number 9 is Zero Hedge.
Here is how I can tell when I've been reading Zero Hedge too much. I find myself rolling my eyes at CNBC or the Wall Street Journal while saying things like "There's more to it than that!" or "Suuuure, it may seem that way." I know Canadian equity strategist David Rosenberg's latest perma-bearish musings, and the same from the preternaturally gloomy Albert Edwards of Société Générale.

After prolonged exposure, I have to turn off my wi-fi not to sell all my U.S. dollars for physical gold, start an anti–Goldman Sachs blog and buy a Kansas soybean farm protected by a moat.

But here is the crazy thing: Zero Hedge — a morning zoo of pessimistic financial blogging — is fun. Granted, you (O.K., I) can't read it for long without the aforementioned soybean-farmer effect, but the downbeat site has found an entertaining niche at the intersection of The X-Files, finance and tireless anti–Goldman Sachs–ishness.
People are in the mood for pessimism and negative opinion.

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