Switzerland shuts the door

Switzerland shuts the door on EU migrants: A new 'us vs. them' in Europe?
As I happened to be standing in the most intolerable immigration line that I've ever faced – more on that later – I read on my Twitter account that the Swiss government on Wednesday announced a new policy to cap residence permits for all of Western Europe. Switzerland, which is not part of the EU but joined the Schengen bloc that allows freedom of movement of people across European borders, says that it is being overwhelmed by arrivals from across the continent, to the tune of 80,000 people each year.

The U.S. is going to shut the door as well if amnesty passes. A majority of Americans want restrictions on legal immigration, and when the amnesty reveals not 12 million illegals, but more like 20-25 million, the American people will say enough and shut the door.

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