Skyscraper Index Alert: 87% of World's Skyscrapers Being Built in China

The skyscraper index is based on the building of the tallest building in the world, but this number deserves consideration: 87% of skyscrapers currently under construction are located in China.

English podcast: Skyscrapers

Chinese:中国在建摩天大楼占全球87% 被批暴发户式炫耀

The Chinese article hits the nail on the head, at least in terms of socionomics and the skyscraper index. It is an opinion piece that criticizes the building boom as a nouveau riche method of flaunting money, among various other reasons such as the skyscraper being a symbol of wealth in the 1930s (USA) or 1960s (Japan), but not today. Agree or disagree with the author, the mood it represents is one near the peak for wealthy Chinese.

Here is a infographic on them all:

Here's what the picture says. First is a picture showing that Skyscraper City will be the world's tallest building if it is built according to plans (the other building is the Dubai tower). The second shows it will be built in record time, 4 months versus 410 days for the current record holder, the Empire State Building. Next shows the stat of 87% of skyscrapers being built in China, and 10 out of the 20 tallest buildings are in China. If all of the planned buildings are constructed, in the next 3 years, on average a skyscraper will be completed every 5 days. Five years from now, there will be more than 800 skyscrapers, 4 times the amount of skyscrapers currently in the U.S.

Finally, there is a breakdown of skyscraper construction for 10 cities. On top is under construction, on bottom is planned.

Guangzhou: 21 under construction, 32 planned
Tianjin: 16 under construction, 25 planned
Shenyang: 16 under construction, 15 planned
Shenzhen: 12 under construction, 40 planned
Shanghai: 13 under construction, 13 planned
Chengdu: 12 under construction, 15 planned
Chongqing: 12 under construction, 13 planned
Wuxi: 10 under construction, 10 planned
Dalian: 10 under construction, 7 planned
Wuhan: 5 under construction, 27 planned

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