The Obamacare Bomb

Here's something about Obamacare that I did not know, and it could be the bombshell that blows Obamacare out of the water if people become aware of it before the debate in Congress over defunding the Affordable Care Act.

Obamacare, Redistribution, Meta Levels, and Percentage of Coverage

Obamacare sets the percentages that insurance companies must pay for medical costs BY GROUP.

(Please note: this does not mean that your insurance company will pay that specific percentage of every bill. It simply means that the insurance company will pay that average percentage for all policyholders over the course of the year.)

As an example, saying you are guaranteed that 90% of your medical bills will be covered is very different from saying the government will pay 90% of total medical expenditures in the nation. One guarantees you what you pay for, the other sets up a situation, where maybe the government makes you pay 100% of your bills, while covering 100% of the bills of 9 other people. Overall, your group gets 90% coverage, even though you ended up getting nothing. According to this, you can legally end up being forced to buy an insurance which will not legally have to pay for any of your specific bills.

Now Americans will be able to buy insurance that guarantees them nothing! Somehow I doubt this revelation will be popular.

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