Ballot Initiative to Break California Into Six States

The secession meme keeps picking up speed.

BREAK UP: Will California splinter into 6 states? Voters, Congress could soon decide
Venture capitalist Tim Draper of Silicon Valley has filed paperwork for a November ballot measure that would divide California into six states, calling the Golden State as presently constituted “too big and bloated.”

“Six Californias is an opportunity, an opportunity for Californians to get a fresh start, an opportunity for Californians to build new platforms for growth and prosperity,” Mr. Draper said at a Dec. 23 live-streamed press conference. “An opportunity to be awesome.”
The article mentions that majorities of Democrats and Republicans oppose the idea, but Mr. Draper says he will spend what it takes to put it on the ballot.

The important point here is that if the issue goes on the ballot, it will become a hot topic in California and all across the United States, if not the world. If people are talking about an idea, it means they are thinking about an idea.

When social mood turns negative, it is the established political movements that can seize the opportunity. Not only does a movement require supporters, but it also needs the general public to be familiar with its ideas.

In the future, there will come a day when California's political interests are at each others' throats because the state is headed for bankruptcy. When that day comes, instead of a total victory by one side over the other, voters may instead choose peaceful exit.

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