Social Mood in China: 75 Percent of Beijingers Greatly Stressed

Economic gains continue to pile up and the middle class is growing, but people in Beijing feel a lot of stress in their life due to income, housing and education.

75 percent of Beijing residents feel pressure (北京七成五居民感觉压力大)
According to Legal Evening News reported that the Beijing Municipal Federation of psychosocial working today announced the first "Beijing Social Psychology Blue Book." The city's residents to carry out social psychology 2012-2013 survey was 2,517 valid questionnaires.

Survey shows that residents generally stable social mentality is getting better. On life experience, "pressure Alexander" has become the main tone.

15% of respondents said the current residents clearly a lot of pressure, 60.4% of residents said that the next few years will increase the pressure of life. Income, housing and education for their children to become current residents of the three main sources of pressure.

......Cultural mentality, self-confidence and strong and look forward to heritage. Residents on the influence of Chinese culture to give 90.3 points evaluated. However, 65.3 percent of residents said their only broadly understood, 85% of residents said that the content of traditional culture and education should be increased in schools, 92.3 percent of residents believe that it is necessary to promote "benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trust" in social life .

On social perception, affirming our achievements, trust deposit crisis. Residents generally considered social stability and harmony, 52.2 percent of residents believe that the social construction progress is very large. But residents of the community in general expressed concern about the current sense of trust, only to 45.1 points.

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