Technology Company Visa Fraud Exposed; Tide Continues to Turn Against Immigration, But U.S. Politicians Don't Know It

America remains an extreme outlier in the world when it comes to immigration policy. Or rather, it's leaders do, since they continue pushing for amnesty. Their attempts failed though, because social mood changed and the public soured on mass immigration. Even still, the elites are trying to push for more immigration in the form of H1-B visas.......even though they have been committing fraud under U.S. law.

So that’s how H-1B visa fraud is done!
The gist of the crime has two parts. First Mr. Cvjeticanin’s law firm reportedly represented technology companies seeking IT job candidates and he is accused of having run on the side an advertising agency that placed employment ads for those companies. That could appear to be a conflict of interest, or at least did to the DoJ.

But then there’s the other part, in which most of the ads — mainly in Computerworld — seem never to have been placed at all!

Client companies paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for employment ads in Computerworld that never even ran!

The contention of the DoJ in this indictment appears to be that Mr. Cvjeticanin was defrauding companies seeking to hire IT personnel, yet for all those hundreds of ads — ads that for the most part never ran and therefore could never yield job applications — nobody complained!

The deeper question here is whether they paid for the ads or just for documentation that they had paid for the ads?

This is alleged H-1B visa fraud, remember. In order to hire an H-1B worker in place of a U.S. citizen or green card holder, the hiring company must show that there is no “minimally qualified” citizen or green card holder to take the job. Recruiting such minimally qualified candidates is generally done through advertising: if nobody responds to the ad then there must not be any minimally qualified candidates.

It helps, of course, if nobody actually sees the ads — in this case reportedly hundreds of them.

When Mr. Cvjeticanin was confronted with his alleged fraudulent behavior, his defense (according to the indictment) was, “So let them litigate, I’ll show everyone how bogus their immigration applications really are.” Nice.
It's going to take a long time for these stories to leak out because the media is dominated by the elites. But when the public learns of all the fraud and lawbreaking done by even the supposed heroes of the American economy in Silicon Valley, the backlash will be intense. Consider that this will also occur in the midst of a recession that will be worse than 2008 with even higher unemployment rates. Not only will the U.S. slam the door shut to foreigners, it will deport those already here.

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Speaking of immigration fraud, no surprise that the masters of gaming the system have gamed the U.S. immigration system.

Asylum Fraud in Chinatown: An Industry of Lies
A Chinese woman walked into a law office in New York’s Chinatown and asked to see her lawyer. She had applied for asylum, claiming that she had been forced to get an abortion in China to comply with the country’s family-planning laws, and she was anxious about her coming interview with immigration officials.

She had good reason to be worried: Her claim, invented by her lawyer’s associates, was false.

But the lawyer, John Wang, told her to relax. The process, he said, was straightforward, and as long as she memorized a few details, everything would be fine. “You are making yourself nervous,” he said in Mandarin. “All you would be asked is the same few rubbish questions.”

“Just make it up,” the lawyer added.

The conversation, in December 2010, was secretly recorded by federal officials conducting a wide investigation of immigration fraud in New York’s Chinese population. The inquiry has led to the prosecution of at least 30 people — lawyers (including Mr. Wang), paralegals, interpreters and even an employee of a church, who is on trial, accused of coaching asylum applicants in basic tenets of Christianity to prop up their claims of religious persecution. All were charged with helping hundreds of Chinese immigrants apply for asylum using false tales of persecution.

......In fiscal year 2012, Chinese immigrants filed more than 62 percent of all asylum cases received by the federal asylum office in New York, which in recent years has received more Chinese applications than the next 10 nationalities combined.

......Though the prevalence of fraud is unknown, federal officials appear to regard the applicant pool in New York with considerable suspicion. In fiscal year 2013, asylum officers around the country granted 40 percent of all Chinese asylum requests, according to government data. In New York City, asylum officers approved only 15 percent.

......The 2012 indictments appear to have disrupted, at least temporarily, the surge of Chinese asylum applications in New York. But when asked to comment publicly about how extensive asylum fraud remains among Chinese applicants, most officials declined.

Speaking privately, however, they concurred with the prevailing opinion in the Chinese diaspora: that the problem is ubiquitous and that one high-profile case will not curb it.

......And while the Chinese asylum pool has drawn increasing scrutiny in recent years, asylum fraud cuts across all immigrant groups, officials say, cropping up among populations from societies in turmoil such as Guineans seeking refuge from political upheaval, Afghans fleeing war, Russians looking for sanctuary from homophobia and Mexicans running from drug violence.

Among the Chinese, the vast majority of applicants claim they were either forced to endure abortions or sterilization under China’s family planning laws or that they fear persecution based on their adherence to Christianity or their participation in banned groups like the Chinese Democracy Party and Falun Gong, a spiritual movement that has been labeled a cult by the government.
Most claims of persecution are overblown. There are people living in the United States under asylum or refugee status who come from countries that haven't seen a war in decades. While there are still some cases of forced abortions or sterilizations in China, most of those were coming from one overzealous county level government in Shandong province. With the relaxation of the one-child policy, the threat is even further reduced. There are real cases across the world, but Chinese making fake asylum claims are relying on a warped media presentation of life in China.

In any event, the net effect of huge numbers of fake claims will be to push the public further towards immigration restriction. The gap between the public and the elite continues to widen.

And then there are these stories, which no one is supposed to talk about: increased incidence of disease due to an influx of foreigners.

5 California Children Infected by Polio-Like Illness
These are the first reported cases of polio-like symptoms being caused by enterovirus in the United States. During the last decade, outbreaks of polio-like symptoms have been reported in children in Asia and Australia, and these infections have been associated with newly identified strains of enterovirus.

"We think one reason why these cases may have occurred in California is that we are at the western-most part of the United States, so we may have had a higher circulation of the virus that was originally identified in Asia," said Dr. Emmanuelle Waubant, co-author of the case report and a neurologist at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center.
The point is not that there is a disease outbreak, but rather when average people raise a concern such as public health in regards to immigration, the debate shuts down and they are labeled as xenophobic. But the story doesn't go away. People stay silent as they drift further towards an anti-immigration position that ties together with their anger at the elites. When social mood swings lower, anti-immigration policies will emerge as a flash point.

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