Haikou Offers Hukous to Homebuyers

Buy a home larger than 120 sqm and receive residence permits for a spouse, a child, and parents, up to 5 in all. Individuals can also obtain residence permits with a home purchase if they are age 25 or above, have been working in the city, paying taxes and social security for at least 3 years, or if a highly skilled or mid-level management employee has a 5 year work contract. This policy resembles Canada's immigration policy......

Haikou Municipal Standing Committee today passed "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Real Estate Market" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"), decided to increase the efficiency of real estate construction project approval, reasonable adjustments to limit real estate purchase conditions, regulate the behavior of pre-sales, reasonable assurance of real estate development of enterprise-scale commitment to develop, implement home buyers policy.

"Opinions" home buyers policies implemented since June 1 to buy a single set of building area of ​​120 square meters of new housing in Haikou City, the administrative area, and has been filed with the provincial contract buyers who may be in the city I am applying for registration, spouses and their parents for living together and unmarried children of the family planning account, apply for a registered account can not exceed the total number of five. Buyers home buyers by this policy can not be revoked or discharged home after filing contract; withdraw from the contract prior to filing the 2014 June 1, re-purchase the staff can not enjoy these home policy.

Purchase price of commercial housing conditions has also been a reasonable adjustment: from the age conditions, at least 25 years of age may apply for a separate single price of commercial housing residents; from the household registration conditions, the actual work in the city and pay pension insurance for three years, or to engage in individual operating and actually lived in the city for five years, or are planning to introduce or city personnel with intermediate professional titles or technician more vocational qualifications, master's degrees, and entered into service with the employer for more than 5 years of cumulative employment contract; from housing the area, the applicant and family members without a joint application area occupied housing or owner-occupied housing (including housing policy) use of an area less than 18 square meters per capita.

"Opinions" to cancel the construction project site plan approval for ≥ 4 hectares of land scale construction projects, such as land use control regulations have been approved for implementation Area, or land planning conditions have been identified, no longer repair regulations approval. Simplify the planning and design review of the internal circulation areas, expert consultation on construction projects, total construction area of ​​over capacity greater than 30,000 square meters increased to more than 60,000 square meters. Further compression processing time, location permits, land use permits, engineering permits, temporary construction approval, verification and planning program review completed a total 33 days.

"Opinions" regulate the behavior of the pre-sale, on the implementation of "urban image of the progress in project investment and other aspects of the real estate sale management approach ", calculated according to provide pre-sale of real estate, invest in the development and construction of more than 25% of the total investment in construction and has identified the construction schedule and completion dates, may apply for pre-sale permit, to accelerate the pace of listed real estate sales, increase the effective supply of housing, and further stabilize housing prices.

Real estate development companies undertake development scale obtain reasonable assurance: before November 1, 2013 has been made in real estate and get more qualified provisionally land development companies can bear 250,000 square meters of development and construction of the following projects; thereafter obtain provisional or more qualified Development Enterprises, its parent company has a development qualification, you can assume 250,000 square meters following the development and construction projects.  

It is understood that the "opinions" to the provisional execution ended December 31, 2014, depending on the implementation of the results and then determine whether to extend or adjust.

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