Qinhuangdao Potential Ghost City

Prices for new buildings in Qinhuangdao (Beidaihe resort area is a district of the city) have fallen from ¥10,000 per sqm down to ¥6,000 per sqm. The headline to the article says Qinhuangdao put up buildings on every piece of available land. Recently, there was the story about Zhuhai and Huizhou turning into ghost cities with the tourist sections hardest hit. It appears the resort city of Qinhuangdao is in the same situation. Last year, the there was about 12 months inventory based on the sales rate and the entire city saw 5 million sqm come to market. This year, just the harbor area alone will bring 8 million sqm to market. As of last year, there was 24 million sqm under construction. Despite the growing inventory and price discounts on nearly 90% of new homes, recent data showed overall prices in Qinhuangdao were up slightly this year.

秦皇岛见缝就“盖楼”房价半倒 忧成无人居住之城
Down from ten thousand yuan 6000 yuan per square meter; from developers to actively get to discounts; from triumph to the overall property market, "the brakes." Just a few years time, Qinhuangdao this tourist city, property prices experienced a rational regression superior and closer to the people.

Visit: Visit real estate price 40% off

May 8, the reporter walked into the largest decline, "No. 12 Zhujiang Road" sales offices throughout the huge hall of the sales and the sales lady had two guests talking.

The sales lady enthusiastically recommend the real estate reporter several units, which means that conditions are favorable real estate location. Sales lady said:. "'No. 12 Zhujiang Road' List in 10,000 yuan / square meter, has now hit 40% of the low-priced, ready-to-live that the Office of Housing, very appropriate."

A 168.45 square meters in the four-bedroom ago, the sales lady said: "This house is 1,610,382 yuan original price after discount is 966,382 yuan, 644,000 yuan preferential quota reached, while 60,000 yuan to buy a garage gave a garage. "It looks very attractive conditions.

In fact, for 40% off sale, "No. 12 Zhujiang Road" is just more than a gimmick, because after the needs of customers to pay the full amount, the developer shall purchase an annual return of ten percent for four consecutive years back clear. When a reporter asked to use this forty percent of the mortgage, the sales lady said that early withdrawal also, but must be in the form of loans to withdraw their mortgage, pay two million a year in interest on it. All down, hit the equivalent of 6.4 fold.

Jiucheng estate go "discount road" from

Even if 40% of the incentives, the total number of 1200 high-end residential occupancy rate is only 40%. It is understood that, "Pearl River Road, No. 12," real estate sales cycle long, has lasted four years. The real estate markdowns sharply from the beginning of this year, which was primarily due to price cuts and slow-moving house area is too large and the prices are too high, then the sales lady explained that companies are eager to return the funds.

Although the 40% off promotion cases, but in Qinhuangdao interviewed found mostly favorable real estate or gift in the form of promotions. "Xia Duhai Shore" hotel apartment project played a "percent off" the lowest discount, it is understood that this project since 2012 have "buy three square meters to send one square meter" campaign; leading enterprises Vanke [ Introduction News ]'s "holiday landscape" fine decoration project a part of the rest of the listings launched the "twenty arrived seventy" promotions ......

According to statistics, as early as June 2013, Qinhuangdao in the sale of 122 properties for sale, there are 69 properties have introduced various incentives, accounting for 56.55%. Since entering in 2014, nearly 90% in the sale of real estate are carrying discounts.

Comparison: see the seam "Covered" created high inventory

2009, Qinhuangdao start "tourism city" strategy, gave birth to the great development of real estate, especially in the harbor area of ​​the most radical. Subsequently, the city launched a massive land. Then someone said Qinhuangdao features are:. "As long as there is a place on Gailou"

According to statistics, last year, Qinhuangdao housing construction area of ​​24,819,143 square meters, while the sales area of ​​3,025,025 square meters, sales ratio of 12, has greatly exceeded reasonable levels between 6-9.

Only the entire harbor area of ​​the market supply in 2014 is expected to be 8,343,100 square meters, while the overall supply of 5,705,300 square meters last year. A staff member Qinhuangdao real estate management department said: "Even if this does not open under the new disc, the existing housing stock can sell more than the past year as a third-tier cities, the existing listings will digest longer. . "

"Qin Peninsula" to "partially collapsed real estate."

Taxi driver said he often pull guests to zone, these guests or buyers or salespeople, or work here.

It is reported that, "Qin Peninsula" project developed by Kanaya, Purple City, Fu Li and iron in four real estate companies. The project is called "First North market", covers an area of ​​2010 mu, building area is 400 square meters.

"Qin Peninsula" project, "Fu Li Qin Peninsula ·" opened in November last year shortly after the launch of the "10,000 against 20,000" promotions. And will be submitted by the end of September of this year, "Qin Peninsula Railway ·" Project Phase I, as early as the end of last year, the rest will be low-cost housing in 5800 yuan / square meter basis, and the words "fifty thousand ten thousand arrived "promotional activities, and this year some listings launched the" buy a house parking "activities.

For many buildings can completely sold, the taxi driver said half-jokingly: "'Qin Peninsula' to become 'prices partially collapsed'."

Analysis: a quarter residential average price rose 1.37%

In the first quarter, with the end of March, dividend policy, "Beijing, Tianjin and integration," the introduction of residential property Qinhuangdao average price of 7,056 yuan display / square meter, up 1.37 percent over last year's fourth quarter.

With these data, we felt a "warm." After all, through the most intuitive data, see Qinhuangdao prices without outside pass so pessimistic.

Data show that in January comes the Horse Spring Festival, is the property off-season. However, prices have not been significantly affected Qinhuangdao, the average price of 6967 yuan / square meter, up slightly over last December. February Horse opened in the property market, prices exceeded 7,000 yuan mark, the chain rose 1.1%. Qinhuangdao Real Estate Board official with the words, "Qinhuangdao real estate market has been very stable."

Conclusion: The more difficult destocking

Public Ms. Ge said: "The fancy of real estate developers carry modest preferential price is also difficult to sell the main reason."

An industry analysis, said the population on less Qinhuangdao, more young people to study abroad, work, the resident population of slow growth. As a tourist city, but also highly seasonal. Built for sale in the building while adding increased ability to weaken banks shrink development loans. Comprehensive on the above considerations, Qinhuangdao property market outlook is very uncertain.

A Beijing tourist says he Qinhuangdao play each year, mostly tourists encountered Tianjin, Shanxi and Northeast regions. Apart from the local real estate purchase Qinhuangdao, which is buying visitors from the surrounding area. But audiences N group Qinhuangdao, real estate sales are also great not to go.

The face of the growing number of vacant properties, the subsequent demand weakness, the visitors became very worried about the new city inhabited city.

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