In Beijing, Developers Attack; In Guangzhou, Buyers Walk; In Hangzhou, Yet More Bailouts

In Beijing a developer had a midnight opening for a property, selling out 80% of the apartments. Prices are down 20% from the advance list price in June.
北京楼盘连夜开盘去化近8成 业内称“金九”大战开启

In Guangzhou, buyers are walking away from existing home purchases as prices drop. When prices were rising, many homeowners would break a contract in order to get a higher price; now buyers are walking away as better deals come along.
广州业主降价近70万卖房 有买家不惜赔钱毁约

In Hangzhou, buying regulations are being relaxed even further and the government is offering a subsidy of ¥30,000 to home buyers. Developers do not expect the policies to have much effect.
长三角多地大尺度救市 对楼市拉动作用或有限

There have been rumors of banks relaxing mortgage terms, but there are lots of "additional terms" that results in very little actual mortgage easing. In reality, the banks are trying to lure the good credit risks in a tight market.
房贷利率松绑假象 打折背后往往有“附加条件”

Also, regarding Sky City in Changsha. The latest news is this: Construction will begin when the government approves it.
张跃:世界第一高楼天空城市何时开工要靠政府 The article is long and is actually a somewhat hostile interview of Zhang Yue, the man behind Sky City, as the reporter tries to get him to discuss the many issues thwarting his project. Google Translation link: Zhang Yue: world's tallest building

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