Land Audit Fallout: Six Officials Investigated for Violations in Shanghai

There isn't a lot of news at this time, but within the span of 2 minutes, six separate announcements of Shanghai officials being investigated for violating party discipline have been announced. In all 10 officials were named, but the six are involved in land and land transfer issues.


Phoenix Financial News September 23, Shanghai 10 officials have been arrested for a serious disciplinary investigation. Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection websites in 11: 30-11: 31 just two minutes announced the six officials checked that six people from Shanghai Minhang outstanding land issues, and the original Nanhui District, Qingpu District.

According to media reports, sources said these officials checked or involving land transfer and transfer of benefits.

Four of these six officials named cadre of land and housing management system, they are the original Nanhui District Secretary for Housing, Land Administration Zhang Wenjun; former deputy director of Nanhui District, Housing Authority land Lu Mingxing; former deputy director of Nanhui District Planning and Land Authority 朱锦华 involved ; Minhang District Construction and Transportation Commission of origin Ren Wuzhong rights.

Another two persons on village cadres, Nanhui District, the former party secretary Tanggui Ming Xuan Qiaozhen, Qingpu District, East Village, the former branch secretary Taojin Jian.

January According to media reports, the city of Shanghai Audit Bureau organization from 2011 to 2012 the state-owned land use right transfer expenditure management, land management and land development and utilization of fund management conducted an audit investigation. Audit results show which found some problems, such as land reserves related to the implementation of policies and regulations are not in place and so on.

Recently, the media has said, the State Council of the National Land Finance conducted the first "big audit" has been under the scope of the audit to the county, mainly for within the 2008-2013 five-year land transfer payments, land acquisition, storage, supply, remediation , arable land protection and enforcement of the audit, including financial institutions involved, land resources, housing multiple systems built, the NDRC, forestry, agriculture, etc.,.

It is unclear, the announcement was investigating six officials because when an accident.

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