Global Social Mood Sinks

In the U.S., an outbreak. CDC warns of 'large outbreak' of measles
"We are very concerned by the growing number of people who are susceptible to measles, and the possibility that we could have a large outbreak in this country as a result," Frieden said on CBS's "Face the Nation."

It isn't only in the U.S. though: Beijing reports measles outbreak
From Jan. 22 to Jan. 26, 23 people in an office building in Chaoyangmen, a busy commercial area in Dongcheng District, were found to have contracted measles, according to a statement the center released on Tuesday night.

Medical personnel have quarantined the patients, disinfected the site and vaccinated 3,462 people in the building, said the statement.

The center warned that the outbreak will peak soon. From Jan. 1 to Jan. 21, the capital city reported 68 measles cases, more than doubling the 28 cases reported in the same period last year.
There's no evidence that the outbreak in China has any connection with the outbreak in the U.S.

The measles outbreak is thought to have come from overseas:
Many have speculated, but now a top federal health official is confirming that the outbreak of measles traced to several Disney theme parks was likely caused by a foreign visitor or an American who had recently returned from a trip outside the country.

But is spreading due to unvaccinated people:
Anti-Vaxxers Fingered in Disney Measles Outbreak
The outbreak of the respiratory disease, which is caused by a highly communicable virus, has increased the focus on parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. Measles was thought to have been eliminated in the United States in 2000, meaning the disease is not native to the U.S. (Nonetheless, 644 measles cases were reported in America in 2014.) But it is not uncommon in the rest of the world, and healthcare officials presume an infected foreigner brought the virus to Disneyland or the accompanying Disneyland Adventure Theme Park in Anaheim, Calif., between Dec. 15 and 20.

Of the 34 California measles victims whose vaccination history could be ascertained, 28 had not received the measles shot.


Social mood in focus: As Measles Cases Spread in U.S., So Does Anxiety
The measles outbreak tied to Disneyland continued to spread anxiety Friday as two new cases emerged overnight in Marin County in California — along with at least one in Nebraska — while Arizona officials warned that at least 1,000 people may have been exposed to the virus through seven others in that state.

To keep things in perspective, the numbers so far are small.

In Europe, the long awaited political breakdown predicted by socionomics may be upon us.

Eurozone alarm grows over Greek bailout brinkmanship
Eurozone officials are increasingly worried that Greece’s brinkmanship over its bailout will plunge the country into financial chaos after its finance minister said on Sunday that it would take up to four months to agree a “new contract” with creditors.

Spain is watching: Spain rally: Podemos holds Madrid mass 'March for Change'
The "March for Change" is one of the party's first outdoor mass rallies, as it looks to build on the recent victory of its close allies Syriza in Greece.

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias told the crowd a "wind of change" was starting to blow through Europe.

Podemos has surged ahead in opinion polls, and has vowed to write off part of Spain's debt if it comes to power.

The BBC's Tom Burridge in Madrid says that there has been an impressive turnout and a carnival atmosphere at the rally.

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