Home Buyers Missed Their Best Opportunity

Now is the best time to buy a home according to the article linked below. The drop in reserve requirements will spark more buying, just as the cut in November helped the market (all emphasis from original article):
Set off a tide in the global quantitative easing, China's economic downward pressure in the background, such as a long drop quasi let the market every nectar, will promote the real economy to the good, the property market is expected to usher in a new round of rise.

It is worth noting that the RRR cut interest rates in November and the short distance, or to stabilize the property market has been significantly warmer plus warm.

Ren said that part of the pilot cities are started brewing real estate loan securitization, has been in the declaration. From 2008 raised funds and real estate loan securitization, and now actually only a few pilot projects, and did not spread, but this year might be a move.

Ren said that the current property market is still great pressure on the stock. "Overall, more than 10 million a year, 1.2 billion square meters of sales last year, but sales in the past six months." He said that the existence of regional differences in the property market pressure on the stock. In short supply in some areas, some areas of oversupply. The reason is that a large number of mobile population.

Most of the population and wealth have shifted to the first-tier cities to go, such as Beijing, Shanghai annual increase of population on about 60 million. Ren said that this year the real estate industry sales will gradually rise, if not increase the amount of monetary policy, then, the real estate investment will increase by about 5%.

The second quarter of this year the market will start strong, but the rapid rise in house prices, it needs at least 9-12 months. "It is estimated that after the fourth quarter of this year, house prices likely to rise from the bottom to the positive growth .2016 years later, this down cycle can basically end."
Loan securitization would increase the supply of money and credit, but how long until it has an effect on prices?

Centaline Dawei, chief analyst believes that although house price index released in December show prices are still adjusting, but the first-tier cities, especially Beijing's second-hand housing prices have ring up a few months, in which case, Brigadier zoom favorable market drop, buyers the market is expected to be significantly better.

"The current credit policy of deregulation of the channel has been opened, the property market will benefit the most. For cash-strapped developers is very good news, loans, reduce the difficulty of financing, housing prices in the most difficult time has passed."

...Yuejin Yan said, "buyers continue to wait and see if the purchase might miss the best opportunity to increase the purchase cost, taking into account the current part of the sale or a discount promotion practices, and housing prices will quickly change the pricing strategy after falling standards, so buyers active the market is more sensible."

iFeng: 楼市将迎来变化 买房者或错过最佳购房时期


  1. How do we get a better translation to English on this article?

  2. How do we get a better translation to English on this article?