SCMP Interactive Map of Ghost Cities

Chasing ghosts
The South China Morning Post has compiled a ghost town map based on an experimental model proposed by Chinese economic researcher Chen Qin, who considers two indicators: future supply and demand ratio; and measuring oversupply or undersupply against existing homes in one city.Though it has limitations, this could help shed some light on potential ghost towns, or where housing supply will substantially outstrip demand by 2020.From the map, the "ghost towns" are clustered in northeast China, where local economies rely heavily on natural resources, heavy industries and farming, and are not diversified enough to offer a variety of jobs.Ordos, the most well-known of China’s ghost towns, ranked first based on Chen’s second indicator – a result confirmed by the CLSA report, which predicted that the vacancy rate in Kangbashi (the new town in Ordos) would continue to deteriorate in the next five years.

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