Canton Fair is Back Again

Back in November, the drop in visitors was partially blamed on Ebola. However, the correlation between trade and the number of Canton fair visitors has been holding up, unless someone wants to blame the March drop in trade figures as an Ebola echo.

The operator of the three-week-long fair warned yesterday that attendance by overseas buyers at this year's event could be the worst of recent years.

Liu Jianjun, spokesman of the fair and the deputy director-general of the China Foreign Trade Centre, said the fair hoped to attract 180,000 overseas buyers.

This compares to 188,000 last April and 202,000 in April 2013. The record was 210,000 overseas buyers in 2012.
My guess is the number will come in closer to 170,000 than 180,000.

SCMP: Canton Fair expects subdued overseas interest due to uncertain global economy

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