Finland Shifts Right

Millionaire businessman wins Finland election
YLE forecast Sipila won 46 seats in the 200-member parliament, with Stubb's center-right National Coalition with 37 seats and center left Social Democrats with 37 seats. The euro skeptic and anti-immigration Finns Party was fourth with 35 seats.

...While the Finns Party did worse than expected - latest polls had them a close second - Sipila may still favor the populists over the center-left Social Democrats in building a new coalition, analysts say.

Sipila has said he is open to including the Finns Party in a coalition, even though they could complicate ties with Europe because they oppose bailouts and want to kick Greece out of the euro zone.

"If The Finns go to government, I believe Finland's policy towards Greece will change. It will change for the better, because it can't get any worse," Finns Party leader Timo Soini told reporters.

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