Great Moments in Google Translate

Last month there was a lot of behind the scenes criticism from the U.S. directed at the UK and European allies.

Guardian: US anger at Britain joining Chinese-led investment bank AIIB

Here's a clip from a Chinese article describing the 30 minutes phone call between US Secretary of the Treasury Lew and UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne, in which Lew criticized Osborne for 30 minutes. It is left in the nearly unintelligible Google Translate.

iFeng: 美财长曾30分钟电话痛批英国加入亚投行:背信弃义
Britain announced in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (Asian investment bank, AIIB) of March 12, the US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew boob (59) toward the phone, endlessly say 30 minutes - "Since last year autumn, China's plan to change what happened what? This perfidious intolerable! "

The other end of the phone is the Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne (43 years old). "We still decided to participate in. From China's internal oversight action," Osborne apathy rejected entanglement Jacob Bubu Lu.

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