If You're Looking to Buy Real Estate In China, Look To Nansha

The Nansha New Area, a free trade zone in Guangdong province, has seen a flurry of real estate activity ahead of the May 1 holiday. Several buildings were sold out in a day, with one building selling out 220 apartments in 1 hour. One investor bought out an entire floor of 20 apartments.

One reason why sales are brisk: inventory is close to zero. Nansha is also an up and coming area, and Guangdong is a great province for business, run by bureaucrats who could probably win a Republican primary in the U.S.

Vice Premier Wang Yang, formerly CPC Guangdong Committee Secretary:
Amidst the Global financial crisis of 2008, Wang disagreed with the central government's policies on small and medium-sized businesses, remarking in controversy that they are "not productive and will eventually be eliminated by the market." He also made remarks such as "those businesses going bankrupt should go bankrupt".

Liberals aim to unleash new wave of reform:
"We must hasten the development of small government and a great society," Wang told a provincial social development meeting.

Wang is now serving under Li Keqiang, but Wang wasn't an outlier in Guangdong politics.

iFeng: 广州南沙再现“日光盘” 多楼盘五一将调房价

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