Jim Rogers Predicts HK Home Prices Down 50% Within 3 Years, Peg Abandoned

Jim Rogers notes increased housing supply will mark the peak of the housing market and a major price decline will unfold.

According to Hong Kong, "Ming Pao Daily News" reported on the 12th, the well-known investor Jim Rogers (Jim Rogers), said recently that Hong Kong real estate bubble has to burst the edge of Hong Kong within three years house prices will fall by more than 50%.

Singapore and Hong Kong at the time of acceptance of Rogers' Ming Pao Daily News "interview, said the Hong Kong real estate bubble has been in extreme, sharp correction is reasonable. A substantial increase in housing supply in Hong Kong "will be the decisive factor for the price."

Official data show that the Hong Kong SAR Government, 2014 Hong Kong individual completions for 15,720 residential units, compared with 2013 units in 8250 nearly doubled. Property annual report this year, the Hong Kong SAR Government announced April 1 predicts the next two years the amount of new homes completed in Hong Kong will be more than 30,000 units, a record high since 2004.

In addition to excess supply, the Hong Kong Government may cancel HK dollar peg system, which will also impact prices in Hong Kong. Rogers has said publicly early in 2015, the Hong Kong Government has the opportunity to cancel the linked exchange rate system.

iFeng: 投资家吉姆·罗杰斯:香港楼价三年内会下跌超过50%

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