Sinopec Executives Must Cut All Business Ties With Relatives and Children

The government has published its Sinopec recommendations. A major recommendation that is family members cannot have any outside business with the company.

3. About over leadership of relatives or do business in the system and Sinopec have business dealings, some through interbank operations, profit and other issues related party transactions.

For relatives of business leaders in the system or have business dealings with Sinopec issues, party has attached great importance, leadership management organization registered party submitted a spouse, children and their spouses as well as other specific relationship to invest in shares, to do business situation, and clear requirements leading cadres relatives, children quit business in Sinopec. While taking the following measures: First, a special verification team consisting of five of 16 party leaders managed to register relatives and Sinopec reports have conducted business case investigation and verification, the next step will be classified put forward opinions. The second is to report personal matters leaders carried out spot checks to verify the information on the 26 reporting false leaders, it will be processed according to different situations.

4. Management on the part of the chief party cadres above close relatives working in the system, some cadres spouse, children problem in the petrochemical and other overseas units to work in.

One middle-level leadership for spouses, children within the system of practitioners, focusing on working to avoid violating the provisions, and leadership personnel (department) working in the same unit, the unit employed outside the three kinds of situations of the sort. Second, according to comb case, issued "on regulating the middle-level leaders of the spouse, children within the system of practitioners issues related to notice" to take internal digestion, cross-unit adjustment, return to work and other ways to clean up the specifications, and the 134 party management Spouse leaders and practitioners in the children presented the views of system specifications, clear cleanup progress. Three is drafting "middle-level leadership spouse, children within the system employed Interim Provisions" on the specification lead spouses, children employed in the formation of long-term mechanism system.
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