Beijing Developers Plan To Raise Prices

"In the second half of the year, price increases in the Beijing market will be a bit clearer." A sales person in charge of pricing at a state-owned developer told "Securities Daily" reporters, "We are also working on a program of re-pricing and price increases."

It is worth mentioning that Tongzhou district is known as the Beijing property market "barometer", some of the developers have already decided to raise prices. And as a whole, according to Centaline statistics show that as of May 25, 2015, Beijing's Tongzhou District, this year has total turnover of 2878 sets of commercial housing, average turnover of 22,226 yuan / square meter, up 2.3% rate of increase, leading the city.
Although sales are picking up in the wake of government policy shifts, one reason for price hikes is rising land prices that add to the cost of housing.
From a regional perspective, old projects in Haidian District and Tongzhou District now entering the market have proposed price increases. Earlier, the head of marketing of a project told reporters bluntly, "any developer who doesn't raise prices is definitely not a good developer", as the Haidian District may have no new housing after three years.
Insiders also told reporters that they are not satisfied with projects at the current price of about 60,000 yuan / square meter. "After the end of May basically to price, price increase at least 1000-2000 yuan, raise prices a bit at a time." Head of pricing clearly expressed wishes to reporters.

iFeng: 北京开发商计划涨价 通州房价升至2.2万领涨

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