A New Way to Stop Decline: Halt Trading; 50% of Companies Request Suspension

More than 1400 shares will be halted today. It's a genius move considering Baofeng is still above 300 yuan per share thanks to being halted since June 10.
According to Wind Info data show, July 7 in the evening, a total of more than 600 listed companies application on Wednesday (July 8) suspension (including to continue the suspension, suspended after nearly 800 shares), that Wednesday will have more than 1400 shares of listed companies suspension, suspended the two cities accounted for more than 50% of the stock, analysts believe that the suspension of this scale influx of A-share rarely seen in history.
iFeng: A股8日超1400只个股停牌占比超50% 6只股票任性复牌

The share halt started on Monday:
Chinese companies have found a guaranteed way to prevent investors from selling their shares: suspend trading.

Almost 200 stocks halted trading after the close on Monday, bringing the total number of suspensions to 745, or 26 percent of listed firms on mainland exchanges, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Most of the halts are by companies listed in Shenzhen, which is dominated by smaller businesses.

The suspensions have locked up $1.4 trillion of shares, or 21 percent of China’s market capitalization, and are becoming increasingly popular as equity prices tumble. If not for the halts, a 28 percent plunge in the Shanghai Composite Index from its June 12 peak would probably be even deeper.
Bloomberg: Chinese Trading Suspensions Freeze $1.4 Trillion of Shares Amid Rout

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