Apocalypse Now in A-Share Market

Some Chinese investors are focused like a laser on the futures contract expiration trifecta today (which has no effect on the market beyond today). If the shorts win the day, the government's "plunge protection team" will lose face. So the government will do everything to make sure the bulls win the day. If the market falls, the government doing everything it can (short of PBOC intervention) isn't enough.

An investment bank trader said, "the stock market the biggest risk is not over yet, the 17th is the futures delivery date, the national team [PPT] must win the day."

Shanghai, a futures trader noted that the delivery date or psychological stress, the short side certainly hope to be able to play down the spot, or suffer damage, as the year when the impact of foreign investment in Hong Kong, the Hang Seng Index is able to hold the same, finally see who's financial strength.

He said that the general premium index, shows that we expect the stock index future is weak, confidence is not stable. Strategy is the short side of the market's downward trend to do it, a huge sell-off triggered herding.

"It now appears that some of the short and would not give in, you want to cause more panic, guiding the index fell below the critical point, but do so at a price, after all, the national team did not withdraw, the central bank is yet to come support." He said.
Market is up at the open.

iFeng: 中国股灾最后悬念周五揭晓 交易员:国家队这一天必赢

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