Debt to GDP Ratio Still Growing in China

Bloomberg: China's Debt-to-GDP Ratio Just Climbed to a Record High
China's stimulus, including interest rate and reserve-ratio cuts to shore up growth, threatens to delay the country's efforts to reduce its debt, posing risks to the financial stability of the world's second-largest economy. Nonperforming loans had already climbed by a record 140 billion yuan ($23 billion) in the first quarter as the expansion in gross domestic product slowed.

"It's quite an alarming issue," says Bo Zhuang, a China economist at London research firm Trusted Sources. "The government is trying very hard to slow down the pace of the leveraging up, but they are not deleveraging. The debt-to-GDP ratio will continue to go up."
The strategy of every central bank is to keep credit flowing, it's the only tool in their playbook.

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