Forget the Stock Market, Buy Houses Because You Almost Can't Lose

House flippers grow their capital 10 times over, buying a house is better than opening a factory. So reads the headline in real estate section of iFeng today. Some people win in the stock market, but many people lose. With real estate, many people make money and few lose.

In the history of Chinese property market, Wenzhou real estate speculators are a special ethnic group. However, unlike the stock market where a few people to make money and most people lose money, real estate groups rarely losers, and more than ten years the profits were overflowing.

However, after the third year to buy a house with the stock market changes, Cheng sister lost hundreds of thousands in the stock market. Bitter experience, simply to take out all the money remaining, and bought a house. It is this house, she opened her professional real estate road. Since 2006, the property market continued to hit her by mobile operators, in more than one place after another New Jiangwan Town, Pudong North Cai, Chuansha and other real estate, eventually accumulate tens of millions of net worth. She currently has six sets of real estate in Shanghai, where the first purchase of the property has risen 10 times, add up all the rental income reached 35,000 yuan. Now, she has achieved financial freedom to retire early.
The article goes on to talk with a factory owner in Wenzhou who employed 200 people. He says buying a house in a first-tier city such as Beijing or Shanghai gives much more peace of mind that opening a factory.

Conclusion of the article:
No matter what kind of chance, these property investors, become the real estate market rose during the largest group to benefit, but also the achievements of a number of legendary wealth. Unlike the stock market a few people make money, real estate investments, most people become profitable groups.
Pour your money into houses people!

iFeng: 炒房团炒房十年财富涨十倍 开工厂不如买房

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