Hurry Up And Buy a House Before Prices Soar

First article: home owners are breaking sales contracts all over the first-tier because they realize they set home prices too low. Shenzhen remains the hottest of hot markets.

In comparison, the first-tier cities housing prices rally faster. Shenzhen Urban Planning and Land Resources Committee data show that in June Shenzhen primary residential average price reached 30,713 yuan / square meter, the first time exceeded 30,000 yuan, an increase of 31% yoy. Sharp rise in prices and increasingly complex trading program does not suppress the enthusiasm of buyers. Data show that a single month the total turnover of the existing residential units in June 23,224, rose 261 percent year on year, second only to the historic peak of November 2009.

All first tier cities have relatively low inventory and Chinese investors are momentum investors in everything, including real estate. Once prices take off, it's off to the races.
Inventories relatively small, short destocking cycle is led by first-tier cities where power.

"Even in the generally cool the property market, falling house prices, when house prices north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-tier cities also remained 'unshakeable' state, at most, is not up, really very little price. Once the property market to pick up, first-tier cities The reaction is often most intense. "The official said.

Industry stakeholders noted that housing prices in Shanghai has entered a normalization of the rising channel, north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen future rates will continue rising trend.

"Investors have a herd mentality." The official said, "Unless the government to adjust policy, the current property market will continue to pick up and this momentum will continue."

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Another article tells people to rush and buy a home now before prices soar in the second half.

Data from the Asian high of display, in July first week (6.29-7.05) Beijing residential market achieved a total turnover of 3590 sets of closing an area of ​​361,700 square meters, rose 68 percent and 45% respectively over the previous week, while the turnover the amount of this year also created a weekly high. Loose monetary policy and a lot of the stock market inflows, making the property market is optimistic about the second half of the parties, developers are no longer as the pursuit of absolute high turnover as in the past, but the high profits in the forefront. Land resources, especially in the first-tier cities increasingly scarce land resources of the moment, large enterprises began to slow with the sale, and even continue to spread the message across the board price increases.

...Land transfer heat, Rebound, policy support, no matter which side, the property market in the second half of this year will be collective gains across the board.

In fact, developers are already noticed this, or even that the price has come to a natural, logical stage. No longer just a few hot items for playing tricks, but high-profile claims that prices across the board.

...The documents show that the prices of Evergrande, Evergrande requiring local projects based on local market conditions, combined with the remaining volume of the real estate, to the rate, a minimum increase of 5% for each real estate, up by 15%. Later, Evergrande denied across the board price increase, saying the price file is a "fake."

Even so, Guo Yi, director of marketing for Asian high opinion, "These documents are mostly internal prices of some marketing real estate projects. They want nothing more than to communicate to buyers real estate projects will further enhance the value of the signal space."

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