America's Experiment With Population Replacement

The American government is betting its existence as a unified state on the Blank Slate and the ability to assimilate foreigners, while at the same time pursuing mass immigration and social policy that works to thwart assimilation.

National Journal: 46 States Saw Young White Population Decline
Our labor market is growing increasingly dependent on workers of color who now face persistent gaps in educational attainment and economic opportunity. That's evident in the demographic trends among the young people of today who will comprise the workforce of tomorrow.

...Over this period, Texas lost 236,736 whites younger than 20--and added 1,553,182 non-whites in that age group. Florida lost 269,319 young whites, and added 740,675 young people of color. In California the replacement was nearly one-to-one: the state lost 929,927 whites younger than 20 and added 914,502 non-whites. Even in the Rustbelt, Pennsylvania lost 456,798 young whites and added 244,902 young non-whites.

...These changes in the composition of America's youth will steadily ripple through the working-age population. The trends among young people today are one reason Frey and other analysts have projected that rising majority groups will provide all of the net growth in the U.S. workforce through at least 2030. Over that period, Frey and others forecast, not only will whites decline as a share of the working-age population, but the absolute number of working-age whites will also shrink.

That means the nation will grow increasingly reliant for its workers on young people from ethnic and racial groups that today experience higher rates of childhood poverty, are more likely to be disconnected from both school and work, and are completing four-year college degrees at much lower rates than whites. Failing to close those gaps today, Frey notes, could leave American employers scrambling to find enough skilled workers tomorrow.

"The good thing about demography is you can look ahead and see what's coming," says Frey. "And this is something we can point to and work at. The time is now to put a national spotlight on it."
This population replacement strategy is completely based on hope. America has never successfully closed the gaps. There's no evidence that spending astronomical sums of money will do anything to solve the problem. America is sailing straight for a disaster that will be economic and political, and threaten the very existence of the Union.

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