Beijings View Olympics as a Way to Get Clean Air; New Property Tax Formula Emerges

It follows this article on the real estate tax:
iFeng: 房产税将这么收看看你要交多少
How to calculate the property tax in the end it?

The formula specified countries are as follows:

1, the formula to calculate the ad valorem tax payable: Tax payable = original value of property × (1 minus the ratio of a) × 1.2%

2, the formula to calculate the tax payable from rent: Tax payable = Property rental income × 12%

The real estate tax, real early in 2011 began a pilot in Shanghai and Chongqing. The Shanghai pilot of a new shopping in Shanghai and belong to the household of the second set and more housing per capita basis, more than 60 square meters per capita, and carry out property tax levy.

For example, a family of three original housing has a total area of ​​180 square meters, just 60 square meters per capita, is also newly purchased set of 100 total one million square meters of housing, then it should pay the real estate taxes a year around 4200 yuan ( Shanghai applicable tax rate is tentatively scheduled 0.6%). And according to the new rules, after a year when buyers pay real estate taxes, you also need to pay an additional new "urban land use tax."

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