Macau Pawn Shops Still Moving Cash

Reuters: Despite raids, Macau pawn shops still help flout currency rules
At 10.30 am on Thursday, three Chinese men gathered in a tiny pawn store less than 100 metres from Macau's onion-shaped Lisboa casino. One, with spiky black hair and navy cotton trousers, watched as the female cashier counted wads of HK$1,000 bills he had just signed for through multiple bank cards.

Placing three stacks totalling HK$300,000 ($38,700) into his black leather bag after signing at least two bank card receipts, he pulled out another card and told the cashier in mandarin to give him another HK$200,000.

The transaction, which took less than 10 minutes, shows the ease with which Chinese gamblers in Macau, which generates more than five times the gambling revenue of Las Vegas, can use credit cards to skirt China's currency restrictions, which limit withdrawals to 20,000 yuan or US$3,200, and its money-laundering rules.

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