Two-Child Policy Coming Within One or Two Years; Birth Rate WIll Not Increase

A new article argues that a two-child policy will rescue the housing market 20 years from now.
Chao said that China has begun to implement family planning generation - - he was born in 1976 Children, 2025 is 49 years old. That is, if the population structure did not change, then 2025 will be the peak of Chinese elderly to sell the property. The problem is that to sell the house who will take over? Only appropriate adjustments and changes in the population structure, otherwise the property market decline is almost inevitable outcome. The most direct policy is properly relaxed Second Birth, which will increase demand for housing after 20 years. "Now the newborn, two or three years later would become the new body of the housing market, the housing market can demand taking over two or three years after." Chao said.
iFeng: “全面放开二孩”将拯救20年后楼市败局?

Unless China is planning other ways of raising the birth rate, the implementation of a national two-child policy will have little effect on birth rates because increased urbanization works to lower fertility.

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