Jia Kang Sees Real Estate Boom Continuing, Real Estate Tax Implemented by 2020

Jia Kang of the CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) sees real estate turning upward later this year, and real estate taxes hitting by 2020.
Jia Kang: This has to be observed. But the real estate tax included in the legislative plan of the NPC, I think this is logical, it is also in implementing the spirit of the Third Plenary Session decision. Third Plenary Session to speed up legislation and to timely advance real estate tax reform, the spirit is good legislation must master first, while the statutory tax concept also formed a consensus.

Two sessions this year also made it clear in 2020 that the original regulations should strive to rise as "law." Because more than a dozen areas are now levying the tax, known as the "Law" rarely, others call "regulations." In addition, the introduction of new taxes to go through legislation, after the completion of legislation to levy.

So in terms of this logic together, the real estate tax included in the planning of the NPC legislation, it is entirely in line with the Third Plenum of the top-level planning documents, but also fully adapt the specific principles of statutory tax requirements.

Of course, this has suddenly attracted everyone's attention and hot, which is a continuation of the previous years when it comes to real estate tax would usually seen on hot climax, but also that it does involve thousands of families, affecting interests, feelings, It must be a special careful, good legislative work important reform tasks.

Question: Just now you said that in the case of the economic downturn, in 2016 the real estate market, what kind of trend?

Jia Kang: maximum likelihood from 2016 there is now little more than a quarter, I estimate that the city will import more and more real estate to pick up the track, because in the second half of this year have seen very clearly that the performance of the real estate rebound is clear.

I said earlier, the national average price of commercial housing sales are going up, this process is estimated to go for some time. So real estate is entering an adjustment, continue to deepen the process, in general, the performance is worthy of recognition, it is in line with the law.

I have always believed that China has a large real estate background, China's urbanization process is just half gone, there is no reason to say that it is now caught in a malaise of immediately. After a period of adjustment, the trend of real estate is still a boom upward curve. And along with the real estate boom, or continue to increase investment and return on investment achieved from the average price inside it contains. Including housing estate, the average price of an upward curve should be a big trend.

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