Will China Finally Reform? Xi and Li Stress Need for Grassroots Reform

If this discussion signifies a shift in policy, China may finally begin economic reform efforts in earnest. In other words, the "top down" approach of locking up political opponents opposed to reform is complete.

iFeng: 中国改革新阶段 中央密集谈自下而上改革必要性
13, Xi Jinping hosted the Central Leading Group comprehensively deepen reforms Seventeenth Meeting. Xi stressed that the central reform program adopted by the roots, must be encouraged and allowed to differentiate the different places to explore. The more important task comprehensively deepen reforms, the more we should pay attention to the grass-roots exploration and practice. We should encourage grass-roots innovation, bold exploration focus on reform as an important method of landing, adhere to problem-oriented, efforts to solve the reform program combined with actual problems, adjust the resistance of interest issues, and promote the implementation of the responsibility to play the issue of reform, reform Quasi drop off fine implement, so that the reform needed to develop more precise docking, hope the grassroots level, people want to better benefit the masses.

The meeting stressed the grassroots to play top-level design practice guidance, planning, guidance, encouraged to explore the country from reality, according to local conditions, focusing on specific issues, detailed measures, subdivision responsibility, fine discharge time, a good grasp of policy limits the scope, scale, rhythm. Grassroots reform and innovation to be more grassroots and listen as first-line voice, as much as possible to obtain first-hand material. To sum ​​up the experience, the grass-roots innovation in the discovery problem, the solution, contains a form of rational understanding of the law in a timely manner, to promote institutional innovation surface.

Under the State Council meeting on September 29, Li Keqiang to ministers arranged a new task, "after the November holiday, the department heads to personally led, the Organization Department of the cadres in, without affecting the normal operation of the premise , grassroots-depth research! go to the grassroots to the line to see where their own industry fresh cases occurred, the latest grass-roots experience Ministers go on, take up new experiences. "

"Really expert in civil ah! Grassroots model of innovation after another, new experiences, new things develop with each passing day, we must be more relevant departments to go to learn about new things and new situations." The Prime Minister said, "the process of economic restructuring, some places there is a genuine the emergence of cadres 'will not do' and so on, but the grass-roots creativity give us a 'vivid lesson'. "

Summed up China's reform over the past thirty years, has always been a bottom-up or top-down, these two channels is cooperating. Xi Li at this time talk at the same time pay attention to the central importance of the grassroots reform, a long-time observer of China's economic reforms Report (Micro Signal: ifengxbg) said that this shows the central authorities have realized that the top-down reform has entered a difficult period, bottom-up reform will again play an important role.

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