China's Missing Consumer

An article posted on Sina asks where economic growth will come from in the future. China is looking for consumer growth, but specifically what falls under the cultural sectors:
New consumption mainly refers to consumer culture, leisure, tourism, health, education, information, environmental protection and new energy and other aspects. At present China's cultural industry in GDP of 3%, US 25%, Japan 20 percent, Europe 13 percent. World Tourism Organization released "2015 Global Travel Report" pointed out that China from 2012 onwards, for three consecutive years as the world's largest outbound tourists, the number of outbound tourism in 2014 116 million people, spending $ 165 billion abroad. 2014 national online retail sales 2.7898 trillion yuan, an increase of 49.7%, total e-commerce transactions amounted to 16.39 trillion yuan, an increase of 59.4%.

Realization of new spending, mainly through the Internet + channel innovation. Internet + is the depth of the Internet in the areas of innovation and economic and social integration, promoting technological progress, efficiency and organizational change, to enhance the real economy, innovation and productivity, a more extensive Internet infrastructure and innovative elements of the economic and social development New Form.
Going through the entire article, however, one comes across a lot of central planning and infrastructure development.

Sina: 中国经济发展的新动力在哪里

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