CREIS: New Home Price Rise Increases in November

CREIS 100-city survey shows an increase of 0.46% for the month of November. This is an improvement from the 0.30% increase in October and shows the opposite trend from the NBS October figures, which showed a slowdown in the price rise. It also contradicts some of the reports that were out in November, which pointed to a weaker real estate market (than the previously strong Jul-Sep period). From the survey page data linked below, you can clearly see the increase is narrow. Of the 100 cities, 59 saw home pricse fall or stay flat. The average declines were lower though. The 75th city was Yangzhou, down 0.68%. In October, it was Zhenjiang, down 0.84%.

The biggest increase was Suzhou, up 2.84%. Shenzhen was second, up 2.54% on the month. Guangzhou new home prices fell 1.24% in October an another 0.33% in November.

100-city Survey data: 2015年11月中国房地产
Google Translated: 100-city Survey Data page

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