Higher Consumption Taxes Coming to China

Higher consumption taxes on imported luxury goods and alcohol will counteract rebalancing efforts.

Economic Observer informed alcohol excise tax collection methods, or from the past, focused on the manufacture or import, into the wholesale or retail level. The source believes that the new collection methods could lead to a substantial increase in cost of sales of liquor, and transmitted to the price link. Therefore, he was eager to issue liquor consumption tax levied find negotiated authorities.

In fact, not only is alcohol. Within the Economic Observer newspaper has learned, including high energy consumption, high pollution products and some luxury goods, including many products will be incorporated into the excise tax, which means that the relevant sector-led fiscal reforms in a very important piece of content - - consumption tax reform, it is quietly expanding around.

It is reported that the placement of this round of consumption tax to expand around the reform has made it clear, constituted mainly by three aspects. Which, in addition to high energy consumption, high pollution products and some high-end consumer goods, and some services into the scope of the collection, the reform will also continue to impose some products are not suitable for consumption tax are excluded from taxable items.

EO: 消费税悄然扩围 行业协会忙协商

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