Macau Effect: Price Plummet in Zhuhai

A building for sale in Hengqin, Zhuhai saw its price plummet 6,000 yuan per square meter, from 48,000 yuan down to 42,000 yuan. The drop is blamed on spillover from the weak Macau market:

Bing said: "The Macau Statistics and Census Bureau noted that the first quarter of the housing market turnover fell to its lowest level in six years, the price of luxury hardest hit, down 13.4 percent so far this year, almost double the general decline of the house.." In his view, Macau economy is relatively weak, Macau property values ​​are diminished. So leading role in Hong Kong and Macao on Hengqin will weaken, he said:. "The real estate market or the sales decline, or falling house prices"

Cheng Guangping reviews say the property market due to lower positive concept Hengqin FTA and other speculation, or too fast in the past two years, coupled with excessive supply, the economic slowdown, the decline in property prices in Macao and other factors, cause serious sentiment, which is now gradually return to reason.

iFeng: 某地区一楼盘骤降六千元 业内称楼价回归市场

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