2016: The Year to Buy a Home

With "many positive government policies coming into effect, 2016 is the year to buy" reads the headline of this article.

Year 2016 will be the opportunity to buy a house

Whether the purchase conditional deregulation, or credit and reduced taxes, the current industry trend of the property market policy for next year forecasts are optimistic and positive. 2016 may also be because more stimulating policies, a new opportunity in the purchase.

Democratic National Construction Association, deputy director of the Economic Commission for maguangyuan published an article on the 29th, if we can build a real institutional system of housing finance, tax relief, etc., to achieve changes in China's real estate there is hope reborn. "I believe next year in order to complete the task of de-stocking, credit policy, tax policy, financial subsidies, housing finance and other aspects will have some action, 20% of the down payment will certainly be launched, various short-term measures are meant to buy a house you can enjoy the stimulation of bonus. "In his view, first-tier cities, major cities and population flows into urban future, is certainly the best time to buy a house window, as investment in real estate in other cities, has little significance. In order to buy a house to live, next year is a good time to be sure.

Meanwhile, although the land price and other factors may cause prices to remain at a high level, but decision-making is still to encourage developers to cut prices. In the 21st concluded Central Economic Work Conference made it clear that, to encourage real estate development enterprises to adapt to market rules adjustment of marketing strategy, due to lower housing prices. Of course, this "price" is more serious point to stock tier cities.

iFeng: 多项利好政策房价普涨 2016年成买房机会年

In Beijing, only 9 new projects will hit the market in January, but immediate demand remains strong. Prices are expected to rise as a result.

iFeng: 2016年元月北京仅9个新盘入市 刚需房短缺

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