China Will Repeat Eastern Urbanization Strategy in West

No surprise that China would go back to the old playbook.

The Google tranlate is a bit messy but one part of the plan is to send eastern officials to train their counterparts out west:
Meeting mentioned the eastern city group to optimize promotion, foster the development of a number of urban agglomeration in the Midwest, a regional central cities, promote frontier central city, the port city of joint development, so that the central and western regions of the masses at home can share Towns of the results.

...Meanwhile, the meeting proposed to enhance the construction level, strengthen the urban underground and above ground infrastructure, construction sponges city, shanty towns and to accelerate reconstruction, orderly comprehensive renovation of old residential quarters, and strive to 2020 basically completed the existing urban shantytowns , villages and reconstruction, promoting the city green development, improve building standards and project quality, attaches great importance to do a good job of building energy efficiency. To enhance the management level, and strive to build smart city to implement the residence permit system as the starting point to promote the urban resident population equalization of basic public services , strengthen urban public management, to enhance the quality of the people.

iFeng: 中央城市工作会议:中西部培育城市群 东部升级

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