Yet Another Real Estate Bailout: Subsidies for Rural-to-Urban Migrants

Chinese mid-sized and small cities are looking at subsidizing first-time urban home purchases by farmers as a way to reduce housing inventory. This isn't a new policy in the sense of never being tried before, but it could be rolled out on an unseen scale.

China Securities Journal reported that there may be a concrete plan in the works to move 100 million people from countryside to city. This involves a host of policy proposals, some already announced such as hukou reform. Adding in various local measures such as tax breaks, reduced down payments, subsidies, and allowing migrants into the local housing funds would add even more support to the push.

iFeng: 中小城市计划鼓励在城镇首次购房的农民财政补贴

Business Times: China said to plan helping rural residents buy first city homes

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