8 Ministries Meet to Discuss Support for Industrial Firms

Gulf News: China steps up financial support for industry upgrading — c.bank

8 ministries met to discuss support for industrial growth including the PBoC, MoF, Ministry of Commerce, China Banking Regulatory Commission and Securities Regulatory Commission.

Here are the six proposals:

1. strengthen monetary and credit policy to support and create a favorable monetary and financial environment
a. strengthen financial support for the industry supply-side structural reforms.
b. implementat differentiated industrial credit policies.
c. accelerate industrial credit product innovation.
d. improve of industrial credit management system.

2. increase the capital market, insurance market support for industrial enterprises
a. increase support for direct financing of industrial enterprises
b. enhance the ability of all types of investment funds to support
c. steadily develop of asset securitization
d. insurance industry to continuously improve service levels

3. promotion of industrial enterprises innovation financing mechanism
a. develop accounts receivable financing
b. explore the integration of industry and finance

4. promote the merger and reorganization of industrial enterprises
a. optimization of industrial enterprises mergers and acquisitions policy
b. widen financing channels for mergers and acquisitions of industrial enterprises

5. support acceleration of industrial enterprises "going out"
a. improve the "going out" policy support to industrial enterprises
b. strengthen the "going out" financial support for industrial enterprises

6. strengthen risk prevention and coordination
a. effectively guard against and defuse financial risks
b. strengthen coordination and cooperation

iFeng: 八部委发文:六大措施加大金融支持工业稳增长

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